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I received my Ph.D. in Literary, Cultural, and Linguistic Studies from the University of Miami. I also hold a BFA in Theater Studies from the Universidad de las Artes (ISA), in Cuba.

I have taught Spanish, Literature, and Theater History courses in Cuba and the United States. I have organized conferences, workshops, and festivals.

I am also passionate about translation and editorial work (for academic and non-academic audiences).  

For the theater, I have written, directed, and reviewed plays (besides many other fun activities such as running a casting, operating a lighting console, or helping with supertitles).

As a playwright, scholar, and teacher, I'm passionate about all aspects of culture, but I am most interested in issues of gender, race, and the impact of media in contemporary cultural production. 

In my book project, Women's Archipelagic Theaters: Performance and Media Across Borders I analyze the works of contemporary women playwrights, looking at how media is a fundamental tool to critique social injustice, gender inequality, and racism, among other topics. The mediated archipelago is a metaphor to think about the stage as an archipelago of bodies, sounds, lights, and other media. In addition to that, theater creates new geographies of power, which allows us to look at artistic creation beyond an author's nationality or place of residence.  


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